What Kind of Traveler Are You?

A very intimate and significant question for all the travelers. Depending on the answers for this question, that’s going to be the cause what makes your holiday a better one compared to the others. Cause in my experience it’s not about the service, quality, hotel, foods, transportation or another material that affects your holiday, it’s just what your expectations and what you are seeking for that makes it a perfect holiday.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, do what works for you, enjoy what you enjoy. There is no need to judge one traveler to another, we are all travelers and not one way is better than another’s or the RIGHT way. We all have the choice to choose how, where, when and why we travel – so let’s all accept each other for what we have to offer.

The World As I See It

what kind of traveler are you I’ve been really trying to branch out lately and learn more about traveling, travel blogging and find my own path in the mass of travel bloggers out there.  I belong to a few travel groups on Facebook that I truly love and appreciate for all the help, information, inspiration and support they offer.  And I’ve noticed some travelers are judgemental about other travelers – as in this way is “true” travel, or that way in “not real” travel.  It got me thinking is there really a “true” way to travel and my conclusion is how can there be when there are so many different travelers out there!   What Kind of Traveler Are You? 

Some like to get lost and enjoy no fixed plans, just go where their heart desires and stay in one place for how ever long they deem needed.

Some enjoy the planning, choosing of destinations and attractions, planning ahead for…

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Six sensational Starbucks for sakura spectators

One must go to rural areas of Japan to see the best Sakura’s (Cherry Blossoms) as they call it. Another fact is that the best time to see it is on April before May. Japan’s one of most highlights for tourism season from all over Asia even from Western Countries.


SS 7

With the earliest varieties of cherry blossoms already starting to bloom around Tokyo, it’s almost time for sakura season to get into full swing! It’s Japan’s most enticing time to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of nature! There’s just one little problem, though.

It’s still pretty cold out.

So if you’re torn between feeling immersed in Japanese culture and feeling anything in your toes, here are six Starbuck’s locations where you can relax with a warm cup of coffee while gazing at the cherry blossoms just outside the windows.

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